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"SAP Solution Manager: the foundation"

"SAP Solution Manager for rock-steady SAP systems"

"SAP Solution Manager: the basis"

"SAP Solution Manager: the foundation for all SAP users"

"SAP Solution Manager: a present for SAP management"

Who are hmb?

Het moet beter’ (It should be better). This has been the ambition of hmb from the start and it is the reason we call ourselves hmb.

hmb is the specialised service provider when it comes to SAP Solution Manager. In the Netherlands hmb is the only company that focuses exclusively on SAP Solution Manager, its architectures and all products that are related to it. hmb can help you with every functionality of SAP Solution Manager.

In order to remain our special position in the area of SAP Solution Manager, hmb keeps a close eye on every possible development. Therefore, hmb and SAP maintain close contact in The Netherlands as well as in Germany. hmb functions as a sounding board for SAP Solution Manager’s product developers and consequently we are informed of the latest developments in the field. Because of hmb’s role in VNSG (Dutch SAP users’ association) and in DSAG (German SAP users’ association), we keep close track of the latest developments and we keep our know-how completely up-to-date.

It should be better!
This is not just another slogan, but it is always hmb’s ambition for every single project we embark upon. What exactly is it that should be better? In our opinion, the following main areas create room for improvement. Firstly, the transfer of projects to users and management and secondly, the continuous recycling of materials and content. ITIL refers to this as ALM (Application Lifecycle Management).

That means we:

  • communicate about planning, responsibilities, conditions and progress clearly and transparently;
  • are clear about the expected outcome;
  • actively involve users and management;
  • share our knowledge right from the start;
  • prepare our customers for the fact that they will have to move on independently at a certain moment;
  • use the entire hmb organisation as a back-up for our projects.

hmb is specialised in the development of vision and strategy in the area of lifecycle management of SAP applications. hmb translates this strategy to the implementation of SAP Solution Manager. hmb consultants are widely experienced with SAP Solution Manager as a platform, ASAP as a methodology, SAP Solution Manager’s related architectures and know about SAP Solution Manager’s related products. SAP Solution Manager is the best tool for managing and controlling all processes that are fully or partly run by SAP products. The essential goal of your SAP solution is backing your business with efficient and effective processes.

Beside our service hmb develops customerspecific roadmaps for the full implementation of SAP Solution Manager. hmb performs on demand technical quickscans on the technical Sap Solution Manager infrastructure as well. We can do these at any given time in your SAP Solution Manager’s lifecycle.

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