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"SAP Solution Manager: the foundation for all SAP users"

"SAP Solution Manager: the foundation"

"SAP Solution Manager for rock-steady SAP systems"

"SAP Solution Manager: the basis"

"SAP Solution Manager: a present for SAP management"

hmb Operations

hmb operations takes care of the application management of SAP Solution Manager. Many organizations recognize the usefulness and necessity of SAP Solution Manager and actively use it to support their SAP operations. The application management of SAP Solution Manager requires specific knowledge which is not always available. hmb operations delivers this knowledge on-site or remote. By appointment, hmb operations staff can be appealed to guarantee a properly running SAP Solution Manager. In addition to application management tasks such as keeping track of the collective notes, updating SLD / LMDB, master data management (business partners, ibase) and managing ChaRM projects, small changes are also being implemented.