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"SAP Solution Manager for rock-steady SAP systems"

"SAP Solution Manager: the basis"

"SAP Solution Manager: the foundation for all SAP users"

"SAP Solution Manager: the foundation"

"SAP Solution Manager: a present for SAP management"

hmb Services

hmb offers the SAP Solution Manager services to her customers:

Technical Quick Scan:
The most important requirement for SAP Solution Manager is a well performing Technical Base. This service offers a thorough scan of the SAP Solution Manager technical configuration. After completion of the Technical Quick Scan, a work plan is compiled covering which parts of the configuration do need additional adjustments.

Functional Scan:
During a Functional Scan the robustness of the functions that are operational is investigated. After completion, a work plan is compiled covering which parts of the configuration do need additional adjustments.

Road Map Development:
This workshop starts with an overview presentation of SAP Solution Manager. Participants will gain a common view about SAP Solution Manager after the presentation. An interactive scoping will be done to identify interesting functions for the Customer. Based on the scope, priorities are set and embedded in a planning.

Quick Win Workshop:
The main goal during a Quick Win Workshop is to determine quick wins, in perspective to the relevant SAP Solution Manager functions for the Customer. It is important that the mentioned additional functions can be implemented quickly and will add value for the customer.

Implementation Services:
As a specialist in SAP Solution Manager, hmb offers all kind of SAP Solution Manager Services to Customers. These services are related to all SAP Solution Manager scenarios.
Examples of implementation services are:
• Technical SAP Solution Manager consultancy
• Functional SAP Solution Manager consultancy
• Upgrade services
• After Go Live checks
• Organisational Change Management
• Project Management.


Modular Proof of Concept Test Management
Een modular set up of Test Management in which manual and automatic Testing will be supported by SAP Solution Manager. Another element of this Proof of Concept is Business Process Change Analyzer. This tool shows the exact impact of a Change, a Service Pack Stack or an Enhancement Pack on a business process. Re-use of test cases and focussed effort on the affected business processes.

Template Technical Monitoring
Basis configuration of Monitoring which supports a realtime view in the actual status of the SAP landscape and interfaces. This gives an organization the opportunity to maintain more proactive.

Proof of Concept NON SAP Monitoring
Proof of Concept in which also the NON SAP elements of a business proces will be monitored. So just one tool for end to end monitoring of business processes.

Scope & Effort Analyzer / Custom Code
A standardised implementation of the Scope & Effort Analyzer. This tool shows before the implementation of a Service Pack Stack or an Enhancement Pack the impact on actual custom code and modifications. The Scope & Effort Analyzer shows also the planned effort of rework and testing.

Standardised implementation of Change and Request Management
A quick standardised implementation of Change and Request Management. The result is a controlled change process without transport failures.